A lovely box.

What’s left when you take the booth away from the photobooth?  A box with legs.  And a whole lot more room for fun.

With better backdrops, on-the-spot prints, and stylized GIFs and Boomerangs you can share,  BOX 6.23 is the box that brings a good-looking-kind-of-fun to your well designed party.

Some Backstory.

Meet Ben + Mindy.  They’re married.  They’ve been shooting weddings together since pretty much forever (as STUDIO 6.23).  And they shot photobooths at almost every one of those weddings.

BOX 6.23 is the next step in their evolution of fun.  Because no one ever wanted LESS pictures of friends and family.  And because they loved the idea of a good looking box that does so much more.

PS. 6.23 = June 23rd.  Ben + Mindy’s anniversary.  Yeah, they like each other.  And this is their subtle way of saying “We’re married. And we do weddings.”  In case you were wondering!


IT TAKES PICTURES.  And then prints custom photo strips like right now.  You know the routine if you’ve ever sat behind a curtain in a traditional photobooth.  We just forgot the curtain.

IT MAKES GIFs.  Pictures are nice.  But GIFs make it look like your pictures are having a party of their own!

AND BOOMERANGS TOO.  Boomerangs are itty bitty video clips that never end.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  They’re mesmerizing and a little too much fun.

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